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The RemindR+ function in Catalyst allows the user to create recurring reminders that will display on the portable device throughout the day. 

Accessing the RemindR+ tab

To access RemindR+, click the RemindR+ sub tab under the Setup tab in the internet portal.  

Creating a RemindR+

To create a RemindR+, click New RemindR+ on the left side of the screen.


Once selected, a popup window will appear allowing the user to fill in the Title of the RemindR+, message to be displayed on the device, and time of day for the RemindR+ to be displayed. 



By clicking the Repeat option, users can choose to have the RemindR+ appear repeatedly throughout the day. When the Repeat button is selected, users can select an allotted time frame for the RemindR+ and can choose how often the RemindR+ will repeat.   




When the RemindR+ has been set, it will appear on the portable device as a popup window at the designated time. 









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