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Choosing a Student Notebook

Once logged into the app, the user will be presented with a list of students for whom they have been given access.



Users can also create a "favorites" list for student notebooks they most frequently work with. Notebooks can be favorited by holding down the star in the top right corner of the notebook. 



Once favorited, the notebook will then appear in the "Favorites" tab at the top of the screen. 


The Student Notebook Screen

Once you select an individual student’s notebook, the specific tasks for that student will be available for viewing.  On the left side of the student’s page, you will find six tabs labeled Trial Sheet, Behaviors, Notes, Documents, Assessments, and Video. These tabs will provide instant access to the different areas of the application.

The Student Notebook Screen contains a list of buttons that categorizes your targets into easy-to-find groups. The red button marked Discrete Trials contains all of your in-treatment skill acquisition DTT targets. The green buttons contain your own customizable Target Playlists. The teal button titled Baseline contains all items that are ready for baseline data collection probes. The grey button contains mastered targets that are now in Maintenance. The numbers in each button refer to the number of targets within each category.

For more information on setting up playlists, baseline, and maintenance targets, please refer to the video library or the Catalyst user’s guide.



Discrete Trial Sessions 

To start a Discrete Trial Teaching (DTT) session, tap the red Discrete Trials button.  




The session overview screen will appear.  Tasks are automatically generated according to the settings listed in the portal (e.g., percentage of active targets to maintenance targets, number of times the target is presented, etc.). If a user has the appropriate security permissions, they may also adjust these settings on the app’s Session Settings page.  Please refer to the Catalyst users guide or video library for more information regarding session settings.

When you are ready to begin your DTT teaching session, select the programs you would like to run in the session by simply checking on the red All button or by selecting individual program from the list.  Once you are ready to begin, tab the green Start button.


Recording Frequencies

Across the bottom of the screen you will find the targets you identified in the portal as frequency targets.  The brown buttons indicate skill acquisition targets and the green buttons represent behavior reduction frequency targets. By tapping these buttons, you create a running tally of the number of occurrences for the specified target. The number inside the button represents the current count of the behavior. The goal of these buttons is to provide easy access to data collection on desired skills that occur frequently during your session. If you have more than three frequency targets, you can swipe left and right to access them.







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