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Creating a New Multiple Stimulus Without Replacement Preference Assessment 

In order to collect data on your mobile device, you must first create a preference assessment in the student portal.  In order to create a new assessment, click the Assessments tab, then the Preference Assessment sub tab.  A list of all active assessments will be displayed.  To begin setting up a new preference assessment click the Set up new Preference Assessment link at the bottom of the page.  



A wizard will be displayed to walk you through the rest of the set up.  Help bubbles are included to guide you through the process.



Enter a name for the new assessment. 


Select the type of preference assessment from the list: single item (also called successive choice), paired stimulus (also called forced choice), multiple stimulus with replacement, or multiple stimulus without replacement.  



Catalyst will automatically populate the definition box with a standard description of the selected preference assessment.  If desired, add any definition or assessment details in the definition box.  The instructions entered in the definition box will be displayed in the yellow notes section on the device.



Select the number of sessions, each representing a group of presentations, that should be completed each time this assessment is conducted.



Select the length of the interval for each presentation.  For example, once an individual selects a stimulus he/she should have X seconds to engage the stimulus before moving on to the next trial/presentation. 



The last setting is Allow Settings Override.  By enabling this setting (i.e., selecting "yes"), users will be able to change the above settings directly from the device.  



Once all assessment settings have been selected, click Save.  You will then begin adding preference items.  To add an item, type the name of the item in the box and click Add Item.



You may add as many items as you want.  All items are listed in the table.  If necessary, you may delete items by clicking delete under the action column.  When you have all items listed, click Close.



Best practice guidelines in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis recommend conducting separate assessments for edible items and tangible items.


The new assessment will be listed in your list of active assessments on both the portal and your mobile device.



For more information on collecting MSWO data on your mobile device please go to the Preference Assessment Data Collection page under the Collecting Data on Your Mobile Device page.


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