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Target status options include the following:

  1. Anything:  all targets in the system
  2. Opened:  any target which has been opened and ready for skill acquisition data collection
  3. In Baseline:  any target in baseline and ready for baseline data collection
  4. Baselined:  any target for which baseline data was collected/completed.  This can include targets in skill acquisition, mastered, in maintenance, on hold, or closed.
  5. Mastered:  any target which has been mastered.  This can include a target that is in maintenance or closed.
  6. In Maintenance:  any target which is currently classified as maintenance and data are being collected. 
  7. Closed:  any target that has been closed in the system and no longer available for data collection. 


Date and Time

Under Date and Time, you have the option to specify dates for items opened, baselined and mastered. These can be viewed with the qualifiers “is,” “is greater than,” and “is less than.”