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You can create videos from the app by touching the Videos tab inside the student’s notebook.



When the video dialogue window appears, touch the button with the red circle to begin recording. The red circle will begin to blink while recording. When you are ready to stop recording, simply tap the button again. Select “use” to keep the video, or “retake” to take another video and discard the current one. Once you have entered a video title and description, choose “save” to upload your video to the portal. Videos are automatically dated and time stamped.



You can view videos from the portal by navigating to the Documentation tab, and clicking on the Videos sub-tab. You can save videos to your computer by clicking “download,” or choose “delete” to remove videos completely from the portal.



Videos can be marked as private if they contain information that needs to be available to only certain users in the system.  You can also set certain users to be able to view private videos.  Other security rights for videos include deleting videos, downloading videos, editing video attributes, and viewing videos.  Video security rights can be set in the Users & Security Groups section in the Administration tab.  


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