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The Trial Sheet in the app will allow users to view their "in-treatment" session's progress in real time. This sheet will not include targets that are in maintenance.



Below is what a trial sheet will look like before you begin your session. We have included every target type for you to see how it should appear. Some target types will show the % while other target types will show the number of trials or counts. 



Below is what a Trial Sheet will look like after a session has begun. As you can see, each target type will show you data pertaining to that particular type. 



The Trial Sheet in the app is not to be confused with the DTT Trial Sheet in the student portal; you will not see the same data in the DTT Trial Sheet as you see here in the Trial Sheet in the app.


Target Graphs

If supported by your device, you can view target graphs from the app by clicking on a target from the Trial Sheet.  This will load the default graph for that target and display the same options that exist when viewing target graphs in the portal.

All options that exist in the portal are also available from your tablet and can be used in the same manner.

NOTE: This feature requires active internet connectivity and cannot function offline.




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