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The Target List tab allows you to create filters to break down your target information by several categories (such as target type or skill area). You can create lists of targets that meet your specified criteria (such as mastered, in treatment, in baseline, or in a specific date range). You can also sort and group this information, and even save specific report criteria for future searches or to share with your team! 



Status, Type and Heirarchy

On the left menu, you can choose the qualifiers “is” or “is not” for Status, Type, Mastery Type, Program, and Skill Area.


Target status options include the following:

  1. Anything:  all targets in the system
  2. Opened:  any target which has been opened and ready for skill acquisition data collection
  3. In Baseline:  any target in baseline and ready for baseline data collection
  4. Baselined:  any target for which baseline data was collected/completed.  This can include targets in skill acquisition, mastered, in maintenance, on hold, or closed.
  5. Mastered:  any target which has been mastered.  This can include a target that is in maintenance or closed.
  6. In Maintenance:  any target which is currently classified as maintenance and data are being collected. 
  7. Closed:  any target that has been closed in the system and no longer available for data collection. 


Date and Time

Under Date and Time, you have the option to specify dates for items opened, baselined and mastered. These can be viewed with the qualifiers “is,” “is greater than,” and “is less than.”


Fields to Show

You can choose which columns to display on the right, by checking the desired boxes under Fields to Show.

Sorting and Grouping 

The Sorting and Grouping category allows you to sort your information in ascending or descending order based on your selection.


To view your results, click Search. 

Save Report Criteria  

If you wish to save your filter, you can do so under Save Report Criteria (ex: Items Mastered This Month) and click Save. By selecting Share with Team, your specific filter will be available for all members of your student’s treatment team to view. 



You can access predefined filters, as well as any of your saved custom-defined filters, from the dropdown on the top-right. Below that menu, you also have the option to export your information to an Excel™ file or to your printer.




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