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Catalyst has a unique system for managing a target's status. Settings can be configured beforehand to determine how a student's target will flow through the life cycle. View the graph to the right for a visual illustration of the target life cycle flow. 



Open For Baseline into Baseline Data Collection

Upon creation, a target is in its "Ready" state and will need to be opened up for baseline, by clicking the orange "x," or teaching/treatment by clicking 'open target.'  Targets open for baseline will then follow the baseline criteria set up for that student and eventually fail in baseline or master in baseline.  Targets failed in baseline can be set up to automatically open up for teaching or just marked as failed.  If a target masters in baseline, the user can set it to automatically move to a specific maintenance level or automatically close for no further collection. 

    • Target Status = In Baseline


Skip Baseline straight to Open For Teaching 

If a target is open for treatment/teaching, the target will then follow the student's mastery criteria.  Once mastery has been met, the user can opt for that target to automatically move into maintenance or close completely for no further collection.

    • Target Status = In Treatment




Mastered in Baseline or from In Treatment

When a target is in maintenance, it will flow through each level based on the maintenance criteria that has been set up for the student.  At the final maintenance level, a user can choose to have the target automatically close or move to a different maintenance level.  If a target fails maintenance at any level, the user can decide whether or not they want to send that target back to a previous maintenance level or have that target re-open, starting it in the in treatment/teaching phase again.  

    • Target Status = Mastered or Maintenance