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Target Graphs 

Once data has been collected for a particular target, you can view the graph in the web portal by clicking that target's name within the Skills Acquisition section.  The graph that initially appears will default to a 3 month date range on the x-axis.  If you would like to change the date range, you can either click a pre-determined date range along the x-axis or create a custom date range by selecting the 'custom' button in the bottom right corner.  The y-axis can also be adjusted by clicking and dragging the slider along the left side of the screen.  The range on the y-axis is auto populated to reflect the range of the data that has been collected for that particular target.



Graph Types 

When clicking a target name, the first graph to appear will be the % correct graph,  but this can be changed if you would like to see other types of data.  To explore different graph types, click the graph type section in the upper left corner of the graph.  Graph types include trials by prompts, prompt % distribution, individual step performance (for Task Analysis), and count per min/hour (for Rate/Fluency).


Graph Settings 

You can make many adjustments to your graph by using one of the many features across the top of the graph window. 


To add a note, condition line, or goal line, head to the annotations section and click "add annotation."  From the new window, select the annotation type along with the date that you would like that annotation to fall upon.



If you would like to compare multiple targets on one graph, you can do so by clicking the Comparisons button.  Highlight all targets that you wish to compare and the graph will automatically add color coded data paths to reflect the selected targets.



NOTE:  Comparisons can only be used for targets within the same program and of the same target type.

Chart Settings

The chart settings section will allow you to split data by therapist, overlay IOA data, split data by AM/PM, show data point values, exclude maintenance, exclude days with low trial counts, only plot first trial data (cold probes), and view a black and white graph.

NOTE: Frequency target and behavior types are unable to; Split Data By Therapist and Exclude Low Trial Counts.


Technical Indicators 

The technical indicators section can be used to add average lines, standard deviation, and add the actual numerical value to each data point.

NOTE: Frequency targets are unable to show you the Trial Count. 


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