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The following devices have been tested and are Certified Compatible with Catalyst.

The full list of Catalyst-Compatible Android devices can be viewed here.


The Top 5 Selling Catalyst-Compatible Android Tablets

Tablet NameAmazon PriceAmazon Link
Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7139.99+Buy
Samsung Galaxy Tab 4199.99+Buy
Samsung Galaxy Tab S379.99+Buy
Nexus 7 from Google175.99+Buy
Nexus 9 from Google429.99+Buy


The Top 5 Selling Catalyst-Compatible Android Phones

Phone NameAmazon Price (w/o contract)Amazon Link
Samsung Galaxy S5599.99Buy
Samsung Galaxy Note 4729.99Buy
LG G3549.99Buy
Motorola DROID599.99Buy
HTC One M8535.99Buy

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