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Adding a Skill Area

Once in the Skills Acquisition section, you’ll need to add at least one Skill Area.  To add a Skill Area, click the Add Skill Area button at the top of the page.


 Type the desired name of the Skill Area in the text box.  



Renaming or Deleting a Skill Area

Existing Skill Areas can be renamed or deleted by right-clicking on the Skill Area tab and choosing the desired action from the pop up menu.



Deleting a skill area will delete ALL programs, targets and data within that skill area. Please use with caution!


Archiving a Skill Area

You can archive a skill area by click on the gear icon on the red menu bar and selecting Archive.



Skill Areas that have been archived will be shaded grey.  


If you would like to hide archived Skill Areas, click Hide Archived in the upper right.



If you would like to view archived Skill Areas, click Show Archived in the upper left.



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