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After you have created and opened targets in the student portal, you will be ready to take skill acquisition data in the app. You will find all of your opened and "in-treatment" skills in the Discrete Trials bubble once you've selected your client's notebook. 


You must always have at least one DTT target type open and in-treatment in order for the rest of your targets to appear in the app. 

New Teaching Lesson

Choose Programs to Run

On this page you are able to select your "programs to run" by checking the box to the right (by default, all programs are already selected.) Once you've selected to "start" the session you will only see targets within the programs that you've selected.

Lesson Settings

On the left side of the notebook spiral you will see your lesson settings. Here you will be able to establish your lesson preferences.

Massed Trials

When this option is selected, all of your targets will need to be manually selected during a session; they will not automatically jump from one target to the next. One target will be presented until the target's desired daily trials has been reached and you will then need to select the next target to move on. 

Sticky Programs

This option works similarly to the massed trials option, but differs in that it will automatically run through all of the targets within one program. Once you have ran the desired daily trials for all of the targets within one program you will need to manually select to move on to the next program. 

Correction Trials

Correction trials refers to the number of identical and consecutive “correction trials” to be presented following a prompted response. These settings are also available to adjust in the student portal and can be locked so that users are unable to make adjustments in the app. 

Momentum Probes

This setting will allow you to choose the number of previously mastered tasks/trials to be presented preceding each current acquisition target during a teaching session. Again, these settings can also be established and locked in the student portal.  If desired, the performance (or scores) on these momentum probes can be set to count towards the criteria to evaluate maintenance.  For more information please visit the settings page.

Momentum Type

Choose the type of momentum targets—Intermixed, Suggested or Multiple Scored—and define the number of and manner in which behavioral momentum probes will present prior to acquisition targets during a DTT session.

  • When using “Intermixed” type, after scoring a particular target, the next target that pops up, will be one defined behavioral momentum target.  You can score this momentum target just as you would an acquisition target.
  • When using “Suggested” type, after scoring a particular target, a new page with a list of up to 10 momentum targets will be listed for reference only (i.e., you will not be able to score this target while on this screen).
  • When using “Multiple Scored” type, after scoring a particular target, a new page with a list of up to 10 momentum targets will be listed and any of them can be scored as maintenance.
Selection Mode

Choose the manner in which targets are presented during a DTT session—Random, Weighted by Performance, or Ordered.

  • When using “Random” selection, all targets selected for the DTT session are presented in a traditionally random order.
  • When using “Weighed by performance” selection, targets are presented based on their current “weights,” which are computed based on student performance and trial counts. Targets on which students are having most difficulty AND the least practice become increasingly likely for selection.
  • When using “Ordered” selection, all targets selected for the DTT session are presented in a specific, user-chosen order.  In order to utilize this feature you will also need to create a Playlist.
Reset Thermometers

Selecting to reset the sessions thermometers will bring thermometers that have filled up green, back to red. Thermometers will fill up to green as they begin to reach their "desired daily trials." Doing this will not reset or interrupt any data that has been collected. 

Fetch Trial Data

When this button is selected, the app will pull in all data that was taken on other devices within the last few days. You will be able to see your thermometers fill up to green if there was a session earlier in the day for that student and you can view how targets were scored while you're in a session.  Fetching trial data will also sync target notes across devices.


Taking Data

Once you've established your session settings and selected which programs you would like to run, select the green Start button to begin your session. 



Scoring Data

The way in which you score data will be determined by the target's "type" that you've established during the initial setup. As you collect data you will see the red thermometers fill up to green; this will help you determine if your targets have met their desired daily trials during a session.


Viewing Data

To view data that you or another user have scored recently, you can select to View Past Data when looking at a target.


Deleting Data in the App

You also have the ability to delete any data that might have been scored incorrectly while you're in the app. To do so, you will select the back arrow in the upper right corner of the app. From there you will see a page of all of the most recent data scored with a red (minus) to select. If you select the (minus) it will "undo past trial." 




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