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All behaviors selected for improvement are entered under the Skill Acquisition tab. In Catalyst, there are three levels of Skill Acquisition: Skill Areas, Programs, and Targets. Skill Areas or domains are the first set of tabs and are considered the most broad categories of skills. These skill areas could be categorized by behavior operants (e.g., mands, tacts, echoics, etc.), curriculum area (e.g., play and leisure, self-help, following classroom routines, ABLLS-R© skill area, VB-MAPP© skill area, etc.), or by goal area (e.g., Reading, Math, Speech, Occupational Therapy, etc.). Within each Skill Area, there are further divisions entitled Programs.

Programs are individual skills within the larger Skill Area. For example, in the picture below, under the Skill Area of “Labeling” there are three programs: Colors, Letters, and Shapes. You can see that within the Colors program, there are 3 targets (items available for treatment). Clicking on the blue program names will grant you access to the targets contained within that program.


Another option from the Skill Acquisition tab, is to search for Targets by target name.  To do this, click on the magnifying glass icon (first item in the Skill Area list), which opens a search view.  In the search view, the header bar now has a search box and a search button.  When the search button is clicked, the view will reload and show any targets that contain the text that has been entered in the search box.   Once the search view has loaded, you can view any target in the program view by clicking "View in Program".