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Catalyst allows an organization to split up into sites or classrooms in order to group students together.  This is a great way to maintain order for an organization while still remaining under one general account.  The use of sites is best suited for large organizations with multiple regions, but can also be utilized for smaller organizations wanting to group students by classroom or program.  In addition to students being assigned to a specific site, users can be assigned specifically as well in order to maintain the organization's structure within Catalyst.  To create a site, an administrator will need to access the Administration tab in the portal and select the option to split the organization into sites within the 'Basic Settings' section.  


Once you have turned on sites for your organization, you will be able to access them on the left side of the Administration screen.  To create a new site, click sites on the left and then Create New Site.



A new window will appear and allow you to enter the name, abbreviation, and timezone for that particular site.  When you are finished, click save.  The newly created site will now appear on the left side with a drop-down for assigned users.  From this link, you can begin to add specific users to a site. 



Finally, to add students to a site, you will need to access the student list from the original or default site, then click actions beside their name to move them to their appropriate site.



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