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Selective Sync on the Catalyst app allows a user to choose which student profiles to sync to the device. There are two ways that a user can sync students, when first registering a device and logging OR, they can change which students are synced while they are logged in. This tip sheet will walk a user through both of these processes.

Note: The mobile device must be connected with Wi-Fi in order to register a device and sync students to the app. Once a student is synced, users can take data offline.

Selective Sync – Register Device & Login:

  1. To register a device, enter Username and Password.  And tap Connect.
  2. The Selective Sync window displays.
    Note: Only the students assigned to you (in the portal) will be available to sync to the device. For now, students will not be grouped by sites.  If you do not see desired student, contact your system administrator.

  3. To select desired students to sync, tap all appropriate checkboxes from available.
    Note: If there are a lot of students assigned to you, you can tap in the Search field and enter the student name or code to narrow down the selection field. 

  4. Tap Done.

  5. On the Login screen, enter your Catalyst PIN. The selected student’s notebooks display on the home screen.
    Note: A PIN is a 6-10 digit number. If you do not have a PIN, contact your system administrator.

After a device is registered, the students originally selected to sync will display in the app upon login.

Selective Sync – While Logged In:

Once a user is logged in, they are able to change which students are synced to the device without logging out or unregistering the device.

  1. On the Studentsnotebook page tap the  button at top of screen.

  2. On the Selective Sync window select and deselect checkboxes as appropriate.

  3. Tap Apply.

The newly selected student notebooks will display on the home screen.


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