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The SOAP Notes tab allows users to view the last 7 days worth of SOAP Note entries in Catalyst app. Before utilizing this tab, it's important to understand the following: 

View SOAP Note Responses

1. Open desired Student Notebook 

2. Tap the  tab.



Note: The SOAP Notes tab appears by default, even if your organization has opted not to utilize the SOAP Note feature.


3. The window displaying all SOAP Notes completed in the last 7 days (including any entries completed today) will appear. 


Note: If this screen is empty, it's possible no SOAP Notes were taken during the previous 7 days. To View SOAP Notes older than 7 days, go to the Documentation Tab of the online portal (read more).


4. Tap desired SOAP Note to display SOAP Note details.


5. SOAP Note details display in a read-only format.


6. Click Back to go back to All SOAP Notes screen.


Enter a SOAP Note Response

1.To enter a SOAP Note, start by clicking the 'New SOAP Note' button. 


2. The New SOAP Note Entry window opens. Enter required information into the New SOAP Note Entry fields. Tap --Choose-- to open the spinning pickers. 


3. Press the Save button. Upon saving, the SOAP Note Entry window will close and the response will sync to the portal when connected to wi-fi.


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