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View SOAP Note Responses

Go to the Documentation tab and SOAP Notes sub-tab. Here you will see a list of SOAP Note responses for that student. To view the response in its entirety, click on the SOAP Response link shown with the black arrow in the following screenshot. The SOAP Note Responses window opens showing the response in its entirety.


Verify SOAP Note Responses

To verify the SOAP Note, click on the Preview & Verify button in the bottom right corner of the page.

From here, the Preview of SOAP Response Report window opens. From the preview, click on the Verify & Publish Report button in the bottom right corner of the page.

Upon clicking Verify & Publish, you will receive a "Success" message.

Click "OK" and the message will close. The Status column for that response will change from Unverified to Verfied. This indicates that the response can now be downloaded.

Editing SOAP Note Responses

Please Note: In an effort to align with HIPAA best practices as well as maintain the integrity of SOAP Note Repsonses, editing responses is not permitted. What if there is a major error in the response and you don't want to verify/publish inaccurate information? Verify & Publish the incorrect response and download as PDF for reference. Return to Documentation> SOAP Note Responses and use the Actions menu to delete the response. Then, go to Data Entry> SOAP Note Entry and re-enter the response with the error rectified. 

Download or Delete SOAP Note Responses

Use the Actions menu to Delete individual form responses and/or Download PDF to download a PDF report of the response. Save the file to your computer for all your supervision, payer, and other reporting needs. Download PDF will only appear in the Actions menu if the response is Verified. 


Enter SOAP Note Responses In The Portal 

SOAP Note responses are typically submitted through the SOAP Note tab of the mobile app, however they can also be submitted via the online portal under Data Entry > SOAP Note Entry. 


How do SOAP Notes relate to Timesheets?

If your organization utilizes Timesheets, SOAP Notes will not effect your use of that feature. The pieces that make up a Timesheet (date, start time, end time, location, signature) align with the required field of SOAP Notes. When a SOAP Note Response is submitted, it will be documented in two separate sections of the portal: Documentation > SOAP Notes AND Documentation > Timesheets. By duplicating responses in both sections, custom Progress Note templates that pull in Timesheet data will continue to operate as usual. Eventually, SOAP Notes will replace the Timesheet feature, but until further notice they will operate in tandem. 




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