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Continuous Note List


8/15/2015 - New Version 4.8.0 


Errorless Teaching/Automatic Prompt Fading

Users can now designate targets to move automatically through errorless teaching procedures. Designate the prompts to be used at each level and the criteria for moving from one prompting level to another. Catalyst will do the rest!

Program Comparisons on Graphs

Now users can include targets from different programs on one single graph! Compare and contrast the performance of multiple programs together with ease. 

Spreadsheet Up-Loader for Interval Target Types 

Now users can utilize the curriculum up-loader to add various target types to student’s programming, including partial/whole interval measures. 

Momentum for Maintenance

Users can now include student’s momentum probes in maintenance criteria. 

Cumulative Quantity Graph 

Quantity targets now have the option to display a cumulative quantity on the y-axis, allowing users to quickly visualize progress! 

Preference Assessment Graphs Available in the Portal

Both the raw data and individual graphs for preference assessments can now be viewed in the student portal, allowing users to analyze ongoing trends with preference items! 

Edit Existing Annotations

Users can now modify existing annotations added to skill acquisition and behavior reduction graphs. 

Frequency Button Options

Users can now determine what types of frequency buttons to include at the bottom of mobile devices, as well as the order in which they appear. Don’t want frequency buttons? No problem; there is now an option to turn them off completely. 

Add Condition Lines to Multiple Graphs

Users can now choose to add specific annotations to multiple graphs at once! 

Duration Total Percentage Graph

Duration target graphs now give users the option to view student’s data as a percentage of the goal for the day!


5/19/2015 - New Version 4.7.0

Functional Analysis Notes

Feedback for these new tools has been phenomenal, though many users would like to document different occurrences while a Functional Analysis is in progress.  With our new FA notes feature, users can annotate any FA session before, during, and after the session. 

Curriculum Library Folders 

Catalyst now offers further organization of curriculum goals in the library.  Now, within a single library, folders can be created to easily organize and navigate an individual library.  Instead of simply oraganizing by "Skill Area,"  users can place goals into folders, such as "Math" or "Verbal Skills."

Expanded Student Programming Option 

The option to import and export student programming has expanded to the student "Setup" tab.  Now, organizations can import and export spreadsheets via the Administration section and the Student section.  This is no snoozer; it'll up your organization game!

Expanded Fluency Graphing Options 

An additional graphing option to "Fluency" targets is now available!  Users can now view a "Count per 30 minute" option on Fluency/Rate targets.

Daily Duration Displays

All duration targets will now display the aggregate of time spent on that duration target since Midnight of that day.  This new target display is titled, "Target for Today."

"Save Draft" Option for Anecdotal Targets 

Many of you have requested the opportunity to add to anecdotal targets throughout sessions; so, we've created a "Save Draft" option, which has been added to the app for all Anecdotal target types.

Frequency Button Organization

Catalyst now allows users to arrange the frequency counters at the bottom of the app in the order of their choosing.  Shuffle them around in whichever order works best for you!

Archival of Skill Areas 

In addition archiving "Programs," users can now further their portal organization by archiving "Skill Areas."  This includes archiving any "Programs" and/or "Targets" contained within each "Skill Area."

Multiple Mastery Checks

And, one more big-request item: Users can now specify the quantity and timing of Catalyst mastery checks to occur in a single day.



2/5/2015 - New Version 4.6.0


Because many organizations serve individuals in multiple timezones, those timezones can now be set at the student level. In most cases, we have preset your timezones for you, but please verify that they have been set correctly for your learners.

Catalyst Wiki (User guide, video training, FAQ)

We have officially released the DataFinch Wiki. Here you can access all kinds of information related to Catalyst.

Partial & whole interval measurement in skill acquisition

Many users sample behavior reduction targets using Catalyst partial or whole interval measurement tools. Now you can use the same tools to measure skill acquisition targets as well!

Functional Analysis For Android

Experimental functional analysis tools are now available in Catalyst on approved Android mobile devices.

New Target Type - Grouped Frequency Percentages

Several Catalyst users have voiced the need for very specific "groups" of frequency measures. For example, users can "group" and collect data on prompted and unprompted mands, which can each then be displayed as percentages of the whole "group." 

Upload custom images to progress report editor 

Users can now upload their own, unique images–such as company logos or independently-generated graphs–to the progress report editor. 

Massive Android Rewrite for stability and performance 

This release includes a wide variety of Android upgrades and bug fixes. Android users will experience a dramatic increase in stability and performance.

Save-and-continue-later function in TAs 

Yay! Users can now save data at any point in Task Analyses and continue at the same point later. 

Student dropdowns are now searchable 

For organizations with many students, student dropdown menus are now searchable, save valuable nanoseconds! 

On-hold targets not included in auto-open order 

What a relief! On-hold targets are now "hidden" from auto-open order. 

Ability to exclude specific behaviors from zeroing out 

Previously, when behaviors were not recorded, the system "scored" a 0, or non-occurrence, for that behavior on that day. Now, users can select specific behaviors to exclude from this automated process. So, when they're not scored, they're just not scored.

10/13/2014 - New Version 4.5.3

Stimulus Preference Assessments

A few months ago, we launched the assessments tab and introduced the Functional Analysis tools. Today, we are launching another set of powerful assessment tools–Stimulus Preference Assessments. Users can create a variety of assessments to measure student preferences and use those data for enhancing teaching sessions each day. 

iOS 8 Support

Many users were experiencing problems after updating to iOS 8, especially on iPhones and iPod Touch devices. These issues have been resolved, and the app is stable and compatible against iOS 8.

Task Analysis raw data now display prompt codes

For some time, users have been able to record prompt level data for task analysis targets; however, those data have not been displayed in the portal. Users can now view this information in the raw data. 

ABC data now capture the user who recorded the data

Therapist information is now captured for the logged-in user when scoring ABC data on mobile devices. This information can now be viewed in the raw data.

Duration targets time increase

Duration targets can now be adjusted up to 120 minutes.

Graphing improvements

  • New accuracy graph type – prompt distribution per day

  • Accuracy graphs now only show relevant prompt codes

  • Ability to exclude maintenance data from graphs

    Users can now exclude maintenance data from graphs. Additionally, raw data now display the type of session during which data were recorded (e.g., baseline, teaching/acquisition, maintenance).

Various bug fixes


For a complete list of updates in this release, please click here.

7/21/2014 - New Version 4.5.2

Document folders

Users can now organize documents into folders.

Upper limit for quantity targets

Users can now define an upper limit for quantity targets. This allows users more flexibility to use quantity targets for measurements such as percentages and likert ratings.

Unlimited length for behavior definitions

Users now have unlimited characters for behavior definitions. Mobile devices now display a "more" button if definitions exceed screen capacity.

Progress notes – option for black-and-white or color graphs

When generating progress notes, users can select black-and-white or color graphs.


Users can now assign reminders to pop up within the app at predefined intervals or specific times.

Inter-observer agreement (IOA) support

We have added preliminary IOA functionality. From the actions menu on a target, users can now enter IOA percentages and overlay them on graphs. This is currently a manual process, though users will soon have the ability to record these IOA data on mobile devices.

Google Play & Kindle store availability

The Android app has been submitted to both Google Play and Kindle stores, and now supports phones and tablets.

Enter times on Data Entry page

Users can now enter times on the Data Entry page for more accurate data.

5/27/2014 - New Version 4.5.1

Now available on Android devices!

Catalyst now runs natively on iOS AND Android platforms, both of which have nearly 100% feature parity, including offline mode!

Experimental functional analyses tools

Catalyst now includes a comprehensive FA package that allows users to design and conduct a wide array of experimental functional analysis; then build a stunning variety of FA graphs with just one click.

APA-style black & white graphing

Catalyst now includes options for creating APA-stype graphs. Generate your graphs, ready for your next publication!

New graphs for cumulative toileting data & cumulative duration data

More graphs for the people! We've added the ability to create cumulative duration and cumulative toileting graphs.

Sync trial data across devices

Now, in addition to syncing data with the learner's portals, users can sync data with other DEVICES!

View past data per target on the device

Users can now access past learner performance on any target, for any time period, directly from the device!

GPS timesheet and digital signatures

Users can now attach timesheet functions, such as start/stop times, GPS "stamps," and digital signatures to sessions/appointments.

3/5/2014 - System Update!

 New Graphs: Cumulative Frequency & Cumulative Mastery

Users can now view a number of cumulative graphs:
Total targets mastered over time for skill areas, programs and students as a whole; and
Cumultive frequency graphs for both skill acquisition and behavior reduction!

Document Improvements

Users can now choose which documents are sent to the device. NOTE: By default, documents are no longer sent to the device – Users must specify which documents are sent.

Maintenance Improvements

Users can now delete maintenance levels and choose what happens when a target fails in maintenance – either "Mark as Failed" or "Reopened for Treatment" automatically! 
We have also added 2 new maintenance intervals: "bi-weekly" and "every other day".

Baseline Improvements: Open Automatically

Targets can now automatically go into treatment when they fail in baseline. This setting can be found in the "advanced target options" in each target.

New Widgets

List all the targets in baseline
Graph of total targets mastered for the student

Edit Prompt Codes

Users can now edit prompt codes instead of deleting and re-creating them.

Data Entry & Paper data sheet Updates

All target types now exist on the data entry tab, as well as the printable data sheets.

Rename/Edit Videos

Users now have the ability to rename and edit videos.

1/6/2013 - System Update!

 Zero out targets & behaviors separately.

We have added the ability to zero out targets and behaviors separately. You can choose just targets, just behaviors or both.

Video syncing issues

Many users have been experiencing issues with video syncing. With this latest update, those issues should be resolved.

Rate Behaviors

In the behavior reduction section, users can now create behaviors that capture rate.

Report editor fixes and tweaks

We have address several issues relating to editor perfmormance as well as copy & pasting.

Custom branding

For a one-time-fee of $500 we can add your company logo to the portal and the mobile app. Please email for more information!

11/19/2013 - Portal & Device Update!

Student/Target Prompt Codes

Users can now edit prompt codes at the student—and even target—level! Create multiple choice targets and more accurately measure student prompting.

Event Data - Record Notes

Users can now enter notes along with event data directly on the device.

View/Delete Raw Event Data

Users can now access raw event data, which can be viewed, deleted and/or exported—just like other types of data.

Frequency Buttons for Behaviors

Behavior reduction targets can now also be added to the bottom of the device for frequency tallying.

Manual Toileting Data Entry

Users can now manually enter toileting data on the "Data Entry" tab.

Copy Targets/Programs from a Student to a Curriculum Library

Users can now add existing targets to a curriculum library. This can be accessed on the "Actions" menu for each program or target.

Split organization into Sites/Regions/Classrooms, etc.

Organizations can now be split into smaller isolated groups of students and users. Please contact DataFinch to turn this feature on.

Prompt Delay - Advancement

Prompt Delay can now be configured to advance regardless of independence.

Cumulative Skill Area Graphs

Users can now see the number of targets mastered over time for each skill area.

7/03/2013 - Portal Update!

Community Curriculum Library!

Our users have been contributing, and we now have the ability to choose targets from a MASTER curriculum list. Currently over11,000 targets and rising! Head to the Setup Tab!

Trend lines, moving average & standard deviation

All graphs have been retrofitted with options for trend lines, moving average & standard deviation.

Hide notes & condition lines independently

Users can now hide note bubbles and still show condition lines!

4/07/2013 - Portal Update!

Customizable Y-Axis on all Graphs!

We have finally added the ability to customize the y-axis for all graph types in the portal.

New graphs added for DTT & Rate Targets

We have added 2 additional graphs to DTT targets (Prompt Counts & Trials by Prompt). 
We have added 3 additional graph types for Rate targets (Total Count, Total Duration & Average Duration)

3/29/2013 - Portal & Device Update!

Curriculum Library - Spreadsheet Import

Users now have the ability to upload/import spreadsheets into curriculum libraries. Spreadsheets will be fully imported within 5 minutes.

Graphing - Added Goal Lines

Users can now add goal lines to graphs for all targets and behaviors.

Deactivate Antecedents, Consequences & Locations

Users can now deactivate Antecedents, Consequences and Locations so they can be removed from the device. Use this feature when those items are no longer applicable.

Auto-Start momentary time sampling

A new setting has been added. Users can configure MTS to auto-start on the device.

Syncing Issues

We have fixed a number of issues causing sync errors on the device. If you are still experiencing problems please contact support.

New Device update 3.4.0

  • Head to the app store and get the latest version!
  • Improved stability. All device crashing should be completely eliminated.
  • Various syncing issues have been resolved.
  • Added the ability to zero out duration and frequency targets on the device.
  • Auto-Start momentary time sampling
  • Momentary time sample audible tone added
  • Notes can be saved in a draft state so they can be edited continuously (iPad only)
  • Ability to deactivate behaviors, antecedents, consequences and locations in the portal and remove them from the device
  • Fixed bug with "locked session settings"
  • Partial Interval state is saved across application restarts.

Portal Update!

Curriculum Libraries

You now have the ability to define curriculum libraries for your organization. Once curriculums are defined, goals/targets and documents can be imported directly to students. 
Please see the user Guide Here

Tabular reports

The user interface for tabular reports has been improved upon. Reports can easily be exported to both Microsoft Excel and Adobe PDF formats.

Task Analysis: Only master out based on specific steps

Users can now choose which TA steps are utilized for mastery. This enhances the ability to do forward/backward chaining in Catalyst.

Baseline & Maintenance Bugs

Some users have been experiencing erros related to baseline & maintenance. These issues have been resolved.

Portal Update!

Progress Notes!!

The long-awaited progress notes module has been added to Catalyst. This new feature will allow you to generate progress reports with a combination of anecdotal and quantitative information pulled from Catalyst. We have provided our users with several templates to work from, and we will be adding several more in the coming weeks.

Please see the user Guide Here

We have the ability to create custom templates for your organization with the following rates:
Under 50 students - $180/template (one-time fee)
Over 50 students - One free template per 50 students

Please contact Support for custom report templates

Graphing Updates

We have added many more graphing options in both the Analysis & Reporting section and Skill Aquistion.

Default Desired Daily Trials

Users now have the ability to set a default value for desired daily trials. This will be used when new targets are created.

Catalyst Version 3.2.0 is now in the App Store. Upgrade today!

Graphing Updates

We have made lots of great modifications to graphing within Catalyst!
Added the ability to compare targets & behaviors to one another
Custom date ranges (x-axis) available on each graphing window allow users to specify the time period for each graph.
New Prompt Distribution graph for DTT & Jump-To Targets. This allows users to see individual prompt codes.
New TA graphs to show individual step performance.
Users can now view average duration and total duration on separate graphs.

New Target Types (Rate, Quantity, Anecdotal)

With this release, we have included 3 new target types to enhance your data collection needs.
Fluency : Ability to gather data that can be graphed as rate.
Anecdotal : Instructors can enter free-form textual responses for an individual target, instead of checking prompt boxes.
Quantity : Users can score numerical amounts for a target (e.g., distance, as in: number of feet swept with a broom; or percentages, as in: percent correct on a quiz).

Device Updates

DTT session settings can now be modified on the iPhone/iPod touch!
Users now have the ability to start and stop the momentary time sampling feature from within the App
When selecting programs on the app to run in a session, only those programs will appear on the left-hand target list during the teaching session.
Targets will no longer automatically appear if its “Desired Daily Trials” count is met that day.
Target duration times now show alert when done.

Prompt Codes

Added the ability to utilize 8 prompt codes instead of 6.


Users can now run maintenance daily. (We Added a Daily Maintenance Interval)

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