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When you open the Catalyst application on your mobile device for the first time, a window will appear asking you to "Register your Device."  Within this registration window, you will need to enter your username and password from the web portal and click "Connect."  



The Catalyst app will then alert you that it is "Verifying and Downloading Registration."  



After this process has completed, the PIN pad will appear for you to enter your 6-10 digit PIN. The "Last Sync From Portal" will need to display the current time before the user can enter a PIN. 



During this registration process, Catalyst is pulling the appropriate student and organization information to your mobile device. Once you have registered your mobile device for the first time, your 6 digit pin will be all that you will need to access Catalyst moving forward.  



The registration process will need to be repeated if your organization is split into sites within the system. Should you need to access more than one site, you will need to re-register each time you move from one site to another.