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Viewing Raw Data

Navigate to the Skill Acquisition tab in the student portal, find a target where data were just entered, and from the Actions menu, select Raw Data.


A raw data table will appear where you can view, edit, delete, or export data.


Hiding Columns

In order to hide a column, click on the arrow in the right corner of the column.

Then click on the Hide Column box.

The column will then be removed from the view.

In order to view the column again, click OK and select Raw Data from the Actions menu.

Sorting Raw Data

Data can be sorted by date, user, session type, prompt code, or percentage.


Editing Raw Data

To edit data, DOUBLE click in the desired box and select a new user, session type, or prompt code from the drop down list.  Once all changes have been made, click the Save Edits button.


Deleting Data

To delete data, select the data to be deleted by clicking the check box on the right and click the red Delete box

Exporting Raw Data

In order to export raw data, click the Export button and the Excel file will display in your lower browser bar.







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