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Overriding Prompt Codes at the Student Level

Prompt codes can be overridden and customized at the student level by going to Setup > Prompt Codes. The user can then override prompt codes by selecting yes from the Override default prompt codes drop down menu.



A list of prompt codes will then be displayed. From here the user can view indicators such as: 

  • Prompt names
  • Abbreviations
  • Options to graph as independent
  • The Actions menu to edit or delete prompt codes

The user can then choose which target types the prompt code should apply to including: 

  • DTT  
  • Toileting 
  • Task Analysis 
  • Baseline 
  • Maintenance 


Note: To include prompt codes for task analysis targets, see Other Settings under the Settings tab.

Creating New Student Prompt Codes

To create new prompt codes for a particular student, select New Prompt Code in the bottom left hand side of the screen. A pop up window will appear allowing the user to enter a name, abbreviation, and the option to plot as independent. When finished with the changes, make sure to click the save button. 




The new prompt code will then appear in the list of prompt codes and will be ready to customize! Make sure to hit Save Changes when making any changes to this menu. 





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