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Creating a Progress Note 

Catalyst allows you to generate progress notes over a specific date range for any learner.  The report will include: all behavior and acquisition graphs from the specified date range, student demographic information, progress summaries, as well as additional space for anecdotal information.  In order to create a progress note, click the green (plus) from the Progress Notes section within the Analysis and Reporting tab.  In the window that appears, enter the report name of your choice, then enter a date range and choose the Catalyst report template from the report type drop-down.  Once you click Generate Report, a draft of the report will appear and allow for any modifications.   

Editing a Progress Note 

The draft of a progress note can be edited at any time.  You can edit the wording in the report by clicking within the draft and typing directly into the report and then adjusting the font size and style by using the editor at the top of the screen.  The editing bar at the top of the screen can also be used to add items like additional graphs into your report, page breaks, and tables.  Existing graphs in the report can be modified as well by right clicking the graph in the report and selecting edit graph from the drop down.  As you are completing the modifications for your report, you can save the draft in the upper left corner and return to make future edits.


Tracking Changes in a Progress Note

You can also track changes in a progress note.  This is especially useful if several users are editing a progress note.  In order to track changes, click the Start Tracking Changes button on the menu bar.  All changes will be highlighted.  Each user's edit will be highlighted a different color.  You can view who made the edits by hovering your cursor over the edit.


The icons within the track changes menu bar are as follows:

 Start/Stop Tracking Changes

 Show/Hide Tracked Changes

  Accept All Changes

 Reject All Changes 

  Accept Change

  Reject Change


You can also accept or reject changes by clicking on the edit and then right clicking.



Adding Graphs to a Progress Note

Users have the ability to add multiple graphs to a progress note within the Analysis and Reporting section.  To add graphs, click the area of the report in which you would like your graph to populate, then click the ‘Insert/Edit Graph’ button in the editing bar. 


An insert graph box will appear.  Select the graphs you would like included in the progress note and click Add.

Adding an Image to a Progress Note

Users have the ability to add an image to a progress note within the Analysis and Reporting section.  To add as image, click the area of the report in which you would like your image to populate, then click the ‘add image’ button in the editing bar. 


Adding Headers and Footers

In order to add a header or footer to a progress note, click the header or footer button.


A popup window will appear.  Make your desired changes in the window and click save.  The header/footer will not appear on the document until you publish the progress note.  For a legend of the button icons within the popup window see the Progress Note Icons section below.



Publishing a Progress Note

Once the draft of a progress note has been finalized, the draft can be published by clicking the publish icon in the upper left corner of the editing bar.  All published reports reside in the Published folder on the left side of the portal screen.  By publishing a report, you are now eligible to download the report as a PDF to your computer so that it can be printed and/or sent electronically.  Should you need to make additional modifications to a published report, you can turn it into a draft again by right clicking the report name in the Published folder and selecting un-publish.  This report will now be available in the draft folder until it is published again. 



Progress Note Icons

Below is a breakdown of the various icons within the progress note editor. 


Report Status


Save Report


Preview Report


Publish Report


Formatting Report

Cut/Copy/Paste/Paste as Plain Text


Select All
Spell Checker

Formatting Styles

Paragraph Format

Font Name

Font Size

Reset Fonts- Report reverts to default fonts
Remove Format

Formatting Text

Bold Text
Italicize Text

Underline Text


Insert/Remove Numbered List

Insert/Remove Bulleted List

Decrease/Increase Indent

Block Quote

Text/Background Color

Inserting Tables/Graphs/Images


Insert Horizontal Line

Insert Special Character

Insert Page Break for Printing 

Insert Image

Insert/Edit Graph

Insert Reusable Progress Block
Maximize- Shows fullscreen report

Show Blocks- Illuminates report text blocks

Source- Shows report in HTML format

Tracking Changes

Start/Stop Tracking Changes
Hide Tracked Changes
Accept All Changes
Reject All Changes
Accept Change
Reject Change


Edit Header
Edit Footer
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