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Target Playlists are convenient ways to group items that users can customize to suit students’ individual needs and/or therapists’ preferences.

One useful way to group targets into a playlist is by location – for example, Kitchen Tasks. Such a playlist could include targets from across several skill areas such as Fine Motor (opening jars), Daily Living (cleaning table), Task Analysis (making sandwich), and Receptive Language (identifying refrigerator). This way, instructors can access all the relevant targets in one easy-to-find list on the app.

Another method is grouping by materials needed. For example, you could create a Matching Items playlist. You might include all your 2D-2D, 3D-2D, 2D-3D, and 3D-3D matching demands in such a playlist (even considering identical and non-identical, based on your preferences). Instructors could gather all the matching materials at one time, pull up the matching playlist, and begin teaching. This way, the materials would all be present and ready, as would the targets.

To build a Target Playlist, choose Create Playlist from the Target Playlist subtab under the Setup Tab.


Fill in the fields provided to get started. Select “yes” from the Lock Settings drop-down menu to create a playlist that cannot be altered from within the app (on the device). Select which days you would like the playlist to appear by checking the boxes next to the corresponding days of the week.

Once you have created a Target Playlist, you’ll need to add items to it. To do this, select Edit from the playlist’s row.

Next, choose items from the file tree on the left. Checking target boxes will show them on the right. Items in bold are currently in treatment or on-hold, while those not in bold are mastered.


Users can move the playlist targets in the order that best suits them by simply clicking and holding an item, then dragging  it to the desired position in the list.  

After clicking Save from this menu, your items will appear in a playlist on the app, under the DTT Session button.


Once a playlist has been created, future targets can be added by either visiting the Playlist tab in the Setup tab or by clicking the yellow triangle next to the target name and selecting the desired playlist and clicking save.


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