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The daily overview is the first screen you see when you log in, and it has the ability to house various widgets that display real-time information about a student’s daily progress.


The overview page is customized PER user, which means every person who logs into the portal can have a different, customized view.


Adding a Widget 

To add a widget, click the Add Widget link and you will be presented with a pop-up window containing a list of each widget that Catalyst currently offers.

To add a widget, click Add Widget for any widgets you would like to use. Once complete, you can click the OK button to close the window. Each widget can be minimized, moved, deleted or refreshed. By hovering over the red title bar, you can access the various options as needed.


Current Available Widgets

Average Trial Counts Per Day:

This is a cumulative report of average trial counts for skill acquisition targets. You might reference this widget if you are concerned that particular targets are not meeting their desired daily trials requirement, on average.


Current Targets in Baseline:

If you have any targets that are currently in baseline you will be able to find them here.

Failed In Maintenance:

This widget will list all of your maintenance targets that have recently failed in maintenance; it will include the date the target failed.

Lowest Performing Targets:

This is a cumulative report of your student's weakest performing targets currently in skill acquisition. As you can see, this will show you the target name, the date it was opened for treatment, the total trial count, and the percent correct.

Recently Mastered Targets:

In one convenient spot, you will see all of your recently mastered targets here along with the date they were opened and the date mastered.

Targets Mastered: Past 3 Months:

Here is a cumulative targets mastered graph. As targets begin to master out you will see the graph build to show the number of mastered targets within a student's program over time.

Trial Counts Today:

You will see each of your in-treatment targets listed here along with their daily trial count. Not to be confused with the Average Trial Counts Per Day widget. This will update every day.


Click and drag- You can grab and drag your widgets around the overview page to place them where you would like to see them on the page. To do this, you can click on the red title bar and drag the widget where you would like to place it. 


Catalyst is constantly updated, and the widget gallery is growing. Make sure to check back often, and look for new widgets. If you have an idea for a widget, enter a support ticket and tell us about it!
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