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Taking Notes on a Mobile Device 

Catalyst offers the ability to take daily notes directly through the app on your mobile device.  To record a note, open up a student notebook and select the red Notes tab on the left.  The daily note window provides you with an area to enter a title for the note, as well as ample space to type in the body of the note.  If you begin a note and wish to add more to it later, you can choose the 'Save Draft' option and come back to that note and make any modifications.  Upon completion of a daily note, you can save it or publish it which will send it to the web portal.


Accessing Daily Notes

As daily notes are saved and published from the mobile device, they are sent to the web portal for online viewing.  To view a daily note, locate your student's Documentation tab in the web portal and select the Notes section and press the timestamp of the note you wish to view.  



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