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Session Notes

Users can create session notes from the device, which are available for viewing both on the device itself and on the portal.  

From the app, you can view a list of past session notes. Touch the green “+” to add a new note. 


Enter a title, and tap in the body of the screen to compose a note. Touch “save” to keep the note, or “back” to cancel/discard it. Catalyst will automatically timestamp and date the note for you!


A list of session notes, organized in descending order by date, is available on the Documentation tab, on the Notes sub-tab. You can also view information on a note, such as title and the user who composed the note. Click “view all notes” to review all session notes in one window. You may also delete session notes by clicking “delete.”


You can also make changes to notes from the portal by simply viewing them individually and typing inside the body of the note.  The edited format will be displayed in-app as well.


Viewing History of Changes to Notes

With appropriate security permissions, users can see changes made to student notes by time, date, and user.  Users can also compare edited notes against the original.  To view changes, select View Changes from the Actions menu.



The date and time of all changes to the note will be displayed, along with the user who made the change.


Two changes can also be compared in order to see details of the changes made.  In order to compare two changes, select the desired entries and click compare.


Catalyst will then display the deletions and additions made.


Target Notes


Catalyst offers the ability to record notes by individual target directly through the app on the users mobile device.  Individual target notes are available for viewing on the device, across user devices and in the portal.  Users can also view past notes that have been recorded. 


To record a note for an individual target, select desired target in the Catalyst application.  Select the “Notes” link located directly under the “View Past Data” link.



Select the blue “+” to add a new note.  Past notes will be listed by date and time.


Tap in the body of the screen to compose a note.  Select “save” to keep the note.



After you have saved the note, Catalyst will automatically timestamp and date the note for you.  



A list of individual target notes is available for each target in the student portal.  To view, select the “Actions” pull down menu for any target.  Select “View Notes” to view all notes for the selected target.



Target notes will be listed in descending order by date and time and will include the user name that composed the note.  Information that   You may also delete target notes by selecting “delete”.


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