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When a student case is created, his/her mastery criteria is automatically created with a default set of values. To make changes to these default values or to alter the student’s mastery criteria at any time, visit the Mastery Criteria Subtab under the Setup Tab in the portal.



Mastery Criteria can be customized in a variety of ways.  

  • Response Percentage - Divides the number correct responses per day by the number of trials per day. If the percentage is greater than or equal to this value, then this criterion is met.
  • Consecutive Days - The number of consecutive days that ALL other criterion must be met.
  • First Trial Independent - Choosing YES here indicates that the first trial of the day must be independent/ correct for mastery to occur.
  • Only Count First Trial – Select “yes” for this item if you wish to rely on cold probe data only.
  • Minimum Number of Trials - Requires that a specific number of trials need to be conducted per day in order for a target to be mastered.
  • Minimum Number of Therapists - Requires that a specific number of therapists record data during the day in order for a target to be considered mastered.
  • Number of Mastery Checks- You can set up to three different mastery checks for an individual student.  You can also run a mastery check at any time by clicking the Trigger Mastery Check button in the top right.


Note: Mastery checks run based on the data in the portal, therefore, it is important to ensure all devices have been synced before running mastery checks.


Catalyst can automatically populate goal lines based on mastery criteria.


In order to enable this feature, click on the Setup tab and then the Settings subtab.

Scroll down to the bottom of the Settings subtab to Other Settings and select Yes for Automatic Goal Lines for Mastery.

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