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Configuring Maintenance Levels

Maintenance levels are used to specify how often targets are revisited, (or probed), once they have reached mastery criteria. You can have any number of maintenance levels, each with its own prompting interval. These levels will then be used for each student. To add a new maintenance level, click the New Maintenance Level link.



Choose a name for the level and specify a collection frequency. When complete, clicking Save will create the new maintenance level in the system.

These maintenance levels can then be used by each student via the Setup Tab.

Running Maintenance on the Mobile Device 

Once a student has targets that have met mastery, they will move into the assigned maintenance level.  The maintenance playlist on the mobile device will now display the target at the appropriate frequency for which you have chosen.  In addition to running maintenance via the playlist, a user can set up maintenance targets to be presented as momentum.  Momentum probes are previously mastered targets that are presented between teaching targets within a DTT session.  The user can choose the amount of momentum probes they would like, the type of momentum to run, and the specific maintenance level they would like momentum probes to be pulled from.  All momentum settings can be configured within the student's setup tab of the portal as well as on the mobile device just before starting a session.



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