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Maintenance Data Collection

In order to collect Maintenance data, press the Maintenance button on the lower left side of the screen. 



A listing of all the targets currently in maintenance will be displayed. On the left side of the screen, maintenance filter options can be set.  If you would like to collect data on all maintenance targets, press the All maintenance button. If you only want to collect data on the maintenance items that have not been probed during the time frame, press Not Yet Probed. You can also filter items based on the maintenance list to which the targets are assigned. Maintenance list and the related schedule are set up in the portal. For more information on creating maintenance lists please refer to the Catalyst users guide or video library. To start a maintenance session, press the green Start button in the upper right corner. 




Once your session begins, you can select specific targets to administer by tapping the specific target from the list on the left.


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