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This area of the student portal will allow users to view all of their graphs in one, convenient place. As you can see below, there are various types of graphs that can be selected. Each graph is comparable to the graph that you would see when you are looking directly at the program, target or behavior. These graphs can be analyzed, edited, downloaded and printed from here. 


    1. ABC/Event
    2. Students
    3. Skill Areas (Cumulative)
    4. Programs (Cumulative)

Any behavior data that is recorded on the ABC Record Data page in the app can be viewed on the ABC/Event graph. This graph will have the same options available to you as the ABC Graphing page in Behavior Reduction. 


This graph will show you the Cumulative Targets Mastered within a client's entire program; encompassing every target, program and skill area for that client over time. 

Skill Areas (Cumulative)

To view Cumulative Targets Mastered within an entire skill area you can choose this option and you will see a list of all skill areas within that client's program. You might have several programs within one skill area; this graph will show you how an entire skill area is performing. 

Programs (Cumulative)

There is also the option to view Cumulative Target Mastered within one specific program for a client. You will be able to analyze how each individual program is performing (how often targets are mastering out over a period of time). 


This will be where you can find your per-behavior graphs. You can select and view each graph independently. You also have the option to select and compare behaviors that are of the same "type."


Here you are able to  view all of your in-treatment and mastered skill graphs. While you have the option to view in-treatment vs. mastered skill graphs separately, the mastered graphs will show you data that was taken prior to it being mastered. 

Functional Analysis

If you have recorded any Functional Analysis data you can view your graphs here. 


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