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Collecting Functional Analysis Data on a Mobile Device

In order to begin collecting FA data on your mobile device, you will first need to create a new assessment in the web-based student portal.  For more details on creating a new functional assessment, please visit Functional Analysis.  

To begin collecting data on your device, tap the Assessments tab. 


A list of all functional assessments will be listed at the top left of the student notebook. Tap on the desired assessment.


You will be presented with an overview screen.  At the top of the screen the first condition and length of the session (set in the portal) will be listed along with the condition definition and instructions.  At the bottom of the screen a Session Overview will be displayed.  The order of the FA sessions is presented and if completed, the date of completion. 


When you are ready to begin collecting data, tap the Start Session Button.


The session timer will begin to count down.


To score a behavior, simply tap the green plus sign.


If you need to decrease the count, swipe left and tap the undo button.


When the timer reaches zero, an alarm will sound and the Save Session button will appear.  If you would like to save the data to the portal, tap Save Session.  If you need to cancel the session and begin again, tap Cancel Session.


The next scheduled session will appear and the previous completed session will be check on the Assessment Overview.  Tap Start Session to begin the next session.


When all sessions are completed, the Assessment Overview window will be displayed.

Creating Notes During an FA Session

You can also create anecdotal notes within an FA by tapping the add note icon.  

Once you have completed typing the note, tap Save.


A box will appear confirming your note as saved.  Tap ok.


To exit the note writing functionality, tap anywhere on the screen (that is outside of the note).


Any session containing a note will have a note icon next to the completion date.


To view the note on the device, tap the icon.


To view notes in the portal, click on the assessment tab and click on the assessments action menu.


Viewing and Analyzing Functional Assessment Data

In order to view and analyze FA data, log into the portal and click on the Assessments tab.


Click on the desired assessment from the list.


A window will then be displayed where you can view and analyze your Functional Analysis data.  By default, a frequency graph will be displayed.



To learn more about Catalyst graphing features please visit Graphing Features.


Types of Functional Analysis Graphs

Frequency Graph

When you collect functional analysis data on your mobile device, Catalyst automatically collects latency, interresponse time, and mean interresponse time.  You can change the type of graph by clicking on the Graph dropdown menu.


The Frequency graph displays the total frequency of the targeted behavior per session.



Latency Graph

The latency graph displays the latency in seconds.  Latency is defined as the measure of elapsed time between the onset of the session and the initiation of the first response.


Interresponse Time Graph

The interresponse time graph displays the amount of time in seconds between the first and the second instance of a behavior.




Mean Interresponse Time Graph

The mean interresponse time graph displays the mean amount of time that occurs between all instances of the target behavior.



Condition Drop Down Menu

You can select or deselect which conditions to display on the graph by clicking on the desired condition from the dropdown menu.  If you would like to select more than one condition, simply hold down the command key on a Mac or control key on a PC while clicking on the conditions.  


Default Display Settings

Catalyst displays all conditions by default.  

From the Functional Analysis Assessment table you can also add additional sessions, archive the assessment, or view notes written during the sessions,  




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