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Form Builder allows you to create custom forms under the Administration section of the portal that can be displayed and completed via the Assessment tab of the mobile application. 


Creating and Editing Forms

For instructions on building and editing these forms for an organization, see the Form Builder article. Building and editing Form Builder forms is done within the Administration Tab of the portal.



Completing Forms

Users complete the forms on their mobile device via the Assessment tab or in the portal via the Data Entry tab.


Viewing Form Responses

After a form has been completed on the device it will be ready for viewing in the portal under the Assessment tab.  


To view the form, click View under the Actions menu.  Forms can also be archived or exported to Excel from the Actions Menu.  To export all forms, click Export All to Excel on the bottom left.


After selecting View, the form will be displayed.

Completing a Form on the Device

In order to view published forms on your device, click the Assessment tab.


All published forms will be listed under the Forms section.

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