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Catalyst FAQ



Q: Help! I can’t remember my password!

A: From the login page at, click the “Forgot password?” link. When prompted, enter your email address, then click “reset.” Check your email for a new temporary password. (If you do not see an email in your inbox, check your junk mail folder.) To log in, return to, and enter your username with the temporary password. You will be required to choose a new password, and confirm it by typing it into a second field. From there, you can also change or create your device PIN by entering it in the last two fields. If you already have a PIN and do not wish to change it, you can enter your current PIN into these two fields.

Q: I’m taking ABC behavior data on my device, but I can’t find the graphs. Where is this data graphed?

A: Antecedent/Behavior/Consequence data is graphed on the Behavior Reduction Tab’s “Event Graphing” sub-tab. ABC/Event data differs from information graphed on the “Behaviors” sub-tab (which are “per-behavior” measures of frequency, duration, and interval- and time-sampling). Even though a per-behavior item may be named the same as an event behavior, the two sets of data are not tied to one another.

Q: I’ve set my targets to automatic mastery, so why are some items not mastering out by themselves?

A: Many times, this is due to low trial count. Check your Mastery Criteria sub-tab (located on each student’s Setup tab), to determine the “minimum number of trials per day” required for mastery. Next, check a target that you think should have mastered automatically but did not. Go to the Skills Tab, and find the item; click Actions > Raw Data. Make sure the item has met the minimum number of trials/day as dictated by your student’s settings. Also, be aware that DTT, Jump-To, TAs and Duration targets are the only target types that can be automatically mastered out in the system. (Other target types must be manually mastered out by a user by choosing Actions > Master Out.)

Q: How do I print a data sheet?

Go to your student’s Data Entry Tab, and click “Print Datasheet” on the right side of the page. This will print items in treatment. If you’d like to print datasheets for items currently in maintenance or baseline, or even behaviors, you can select their respective sub-tabs before you print.

Q: How do I give restricted access to parents or other groups?

A: Set up a security group through the Administration tab in the portal.  Here, you can turn on and off specific rights for an entire group of users. 

Q: How do I grant access to only particular students for users?

A: In the administration tab of the portal, select “users” and click any user’s last name.   From there, you will be able to allow them access to “All Students” or “Specific Students.”

Q: I’ve created a target, but I want to switch the target type. Can I do that?

A: Since the different data types measure different dimensions of behavior, they cannot be converted to one another after the target has been created. The only two target types that can be toggled after creation are DTT and Jump-To, since they both collect the same type of data. Otherwise, you can delete or archive an undesired target, and re-create it with the desired type.

Q: There’s a red bubble with a number in it on my device’s Catalyst icon. What does this mean?

A: A red bubble on your home screen’s Catalyst icon indicates unsynced data points. (A number 1 in the bubble indicates one data point waiting to be synced to the portal. A number 2 indicates two data points, and so on.) To ensure your data uploads when you reach an internet connection, simply open the app. Catalyst uploads 40 data points every 30 seconds to the portal!

Q: I recorded a video from the app, but when I try to view it from the portal, I get an error message that says “video not found.” What does that mean, and how can I view my video?

A: This message is most commonly associated with an abbreviated sync-time. Since videos are much larger pieces of information than regular data points, it may take a few moments longer to upload them to the portal. To remedy this error, open the app from the Wi-Fi or 3G connected device in which the video was recorded. Have it remain open for a few minutes, and check the portal again for the video.

Q: I recorded a video, but I am only getting audio when I try to view it from the portal. Why did this happen, and how can I view my video?

A: This issue is most commonly attributed to a recording error. To correctly record a video via the app, you’ll need to orient the device in “landscape-right.” This means that the home-button on your device should be on the right side of the videographer, and the device needs to remain in a horizontal position (as opposed to portrait view, or up and down). To view a video that has not been recorded in landscape-right, you can download the video to your computer, rather that clicking to view from the portal.

Q: How can I get the behavior graphs to automatically plot a zero when there was no instance of a behavior for a session day (instead of skipping the day)?

A: To have the system automatically insert zeros for session days in which no behavior was observed, go to your student’s Setup tab. From there, select the Settings sub-tab and scroll to the “zero out & behaviors” setting. Change this to “yes” and be sure to save your changes. Following this action, for days in which any data was scored (skills or other behavior), a zero will be plotted for behaviors and frequency targets unless otherwise indicated by the data. If no data was scored for a day, the system will not plot a data point (ex: weekends or other non-session days).

Q: How do I add new students?

A: Go to the Administration tab in the portal and then select “Students” from the menu on the left.  From there, when you scroll to the bottom you can see where it says “create new student.”

Q: How do I add old data for current students?

A:  Through the Data Entry tab in the portal.  You can also import a student spreadsheet next the student’s name under the Administration tab. 

Q: How can I get Catalyst to automatically open a new target in a program, once one is mastered?

A: Set the auto-open order for all of your targets in a program.  To do this click the yellow triangle next to the target name in the portal and choose the order for each target.

Q: What are minimum trial counts for mastery, and how are they different than desired daily trials?

A: “Minimum trial counts” refer to the mastery requirement that needs to be met per student, in terms of number of trials completed per target per day. If an item does not meet your minimum trial count per day, it will be excluded from being counted towards mastery for that day. To adjust the number of trials needed on a daily basis before an item is considered for mastery, you can adjust it per student on the Setup tab, under the Mastery Criteria sub-tab.

The “desired daily trials” of a target control the red/green visual meter that appears under each target on the device. To adjust the desired trials, you can click the yellow arrow to the left of a target name from the Skills Tab. This action will expand the target row, and you can see more information about that item - including where to change the desired daily trials for it. [If you'd like to change the default number of desired daily trials that appear when you create a new target, you can find this setting on your Setup tab under the Settings sub-tab.]

Q: How do I delete, rename, or move targets?

A: From a desktop or laptop, you can right-click (control + click from a mac) on a target name from the Skills Tab to delete, rename, or move it to a different program.

Q: How do I baseline a target?

A: After you have created a target, it is in a “Ready” state. (You can see the status of a target by viewing the Status column inside each program on the Skills Tab). To send an item to the device for baseline data collection, click the orange circle with an X in the Baseline column. After your device syncs, you can access the item from the app in your student notebook’s baseline button. Based on your student’s baseline criteria on the Setup tab and the student’s performance, the portal’s Baseline column will display either a red thumbs down or a green thumbs up. A red thumbs down icon indicates that the item did not meet mastery criteria in baseline. A green thumbs up indicates that the item did meet mastery criteria in baseline, and is now considered mastered. 

Q: How do I open a target for treatment?

A: To open a target, find the target in the Skill Tab and select “Open Target” from the Date Opened column. This will send the item to your device for treatment data collection, and can be found in your student notebook’s DTT button.

Q: How do I set up maintenance data collection?

A:  Go to the student’s page in the portal and click the “Setup” tab.  From there select the “Maintenance Criteria” sub-tab.  Here, you can set various maintenance levels as well as select where maintenance targets are pulled from. 

Q: Help! My device is not syncing data from the device to the portal.

A: In order to sync, the app must be open while the device is connected to an internet source. So, if you have a bubble indicating unsynced data on your Catalyst icon, check your internet connection and open the app to at least the PIN pad screen. You can see a small spinner in the upper-left corner of the device screen that will indicate syncing every 30 seconds. Catalyst syncs 40 data points every 30 seconds! Depending on how many unsynced data points you have, you may have to leave the app open accordingly. (When you are working in an area with an active internet connection, this process occurs in the background while you take data.)

Q: Can I see previous student data from other users on my device?

A: Since trial data is device-specific, you can only see past data on the same device from which the behavior was recorded. This includes trial information from other users, when taken from the same device.

Q: Can I take data without an internet connection?

A: Yes! Catalyst is fully functional offline, and your data is stored securely on your device until you upload it. To ensure your data uploads when you reach an internet connection, simply open the app. Catalyst uploads 40 data points every 30 seconds to the portal.

Q: My program and targets are not appearing in my student’s notebook on the app. What could be causing this?

A: Most commonly when you device displays an empty student notebook, it is because the student’s program does not contain at least one open-for-treatment DTT item. To have your information sent to the app, open at least one target of DTT-type OR you can create a playlist.

Q:  How do I delete a behavior, target, skill area or program?

A: Right click the target name in the portal and select “delete” from the drop down menu.

Q:  What does it mean to archive something?

A:  Your target info is saved, but put on hold.  You will be able to re-activate the targets at anytime.  Note:  archived items will still show up on the device unless you take them “out of treatment” first. 

Q: I imported a student spreadsheet, why isn’t it showing up?

A:  Student spreadsheets get uploaded to the portal every night at 10:00 pm EST

Q: I created a new security group for parents, but it still won’t let them log in, how do I fix this?

A:  Check the security group’s rights under the Administration tab and make sure that they have access to “Login.”

Q: Can I set targets to open in a certain order as they are mastered? 

A:  Within the program, next to the target name, there is a yellow triangle.  If you click that, you will see an “Auto Open Order” option.  Here you can number your targets based on when you’d like them presented (lower numbers are presented first)

Q: Is there a way I can score TA’s with prompt codes instead of just +/- ?

A: Yes, under the Administration tab select “prompt code defaults” and make sure that the appropriate prompt codes are checked for TA.  Then for the individual student, go to the Setup tab > Settings > make sure “Score prompt codes on TA’s” is set to “yes.”

Q:  How do I add a new curriculum? 

A: Under the Administration tab in the portal, click “Curriculum Libraries.”  Here you can download a sample spreadsheet, format a curriculum to it, and import it to be used by your entire organization.

Q:  How do I delete a student?

A:  Head to the Administration tab and choose “Students” from the menu of the left.  Find the student’s name and select “Deactivate” to the right of their name.  They will then move to the Inactive list and can still be accessed, data will not be deleted. 

Q:  How do I know what the different prompt codes are and can I create my own?

A: Under “prompt code defaults” in the Administration tab, there are the names and abbreviations of all prompt codes.  From here you can also establish new prompt codes that are unique to your organization.

Q:  Do the timers for Momentary Time Sample and Partial Interval Recording still run while I am taking other data?

A: Yes, these timers run in the background, but will stop if you move to another student’s notebook.

Q:  How do I add an annotation or  condition line to a graph?

A:  Whenever you are looking at a graph in the portal, select “Annotations” from the bar at the top.  Here you can add and delete graph annotations.

Q:  How can I change the data for a trial that was entered incorrectly?

A:  You can’t change the data, but you can delete the point by clicking the blue “Actions” button next to the target name in the portal and then selecting “raw data.”  From here you can scroll through and delete the incorrect information, then re-enter the correct data through the “Data Entry” tab.

Q:  Can I set targets to be presented in a specific order?

A:  Yes, by creating a Playlist you can arrange your targets to always be presented in that order, just like an iTunes playlist.  To set up a playlist head to any student’s page in the portal and choose the “Setup” tab and then select “Playlists.”

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