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From the Documents sub-tab, you can upload documents that are accessible through both the portal and the app. The following file types are supported for uploading: .pdf, .jpeg, .xls, .xlsx, .doc, docx, .png, .gif, .ppt. To upload a file from the Documents sub-tab, choose “Upload a file” and select a file.





Once uploaded, your file is available for your student’s team on the portal. Additionally, users can access these files from the app! From your device, tap the Documents tab in the student’s notebook, and choose your desired file from the Documents List on the left. The document will appear on the right.



Document Folders

Folders can also be created to help users to better organize their documents. To move a document into a folder, simply drag the item into it. Once items are in folders, they will be indented to show the change.




To move items from folders to the top level, users can drag them to the bottom of the screen where it says "drag top level items here". 



The document will now appear without indentation at the top level.







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