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The demographics section allows you to view and edit a student’s demographic information. Basic information and Organization Information are all required fields. Utilizing the Parent Information fields are optional.  

After all information is entered, click Save Changes.



You can also import and export curriculum for the student from this page.  

If you select Import Programming, a Curriculum Import Wizard will appear.


From this wizard you can upload a curriculum spreadsheet from your computer into Catalyst.


If you want to export Programming for a student, select Export Programming.   The student's existing programming will export from Catalyst as an Excel file.  



You can also download a blank Target Data Template in order to create programming specific for this student.   A blank data export sreadsheet will download to your computer.


Unlike curriculum libraries which are most often used across an entire organization, this template would be best used if you are entering programs and targets which are specific to this student.  You might also use this spreadsheet to enter targets that have previously been mastered but you would like to take maintenance data utilizing Catalyst. 

After all information is entered, click Save Changes.

For more information regarding utilizing curriculums in Catalyst please visit .Curriculums v4.7.0 and Curriculum Libraries

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