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If you would like to add additional fields to student demographic information, beyond the ones we have created, you can do so by clicking on Custom Student Fields.  Examples of fields you might want to add include physicians name, school name, social security number, additional phone numbers, zip codes, and dates.

In order to add a new field, click on New Field  at the bottom left.


A Custom Field box will appear.  Enter the name of the field.  The Reporting Name will be generated automatically.  The Reporting Name is used to reference this field when writing reports.





Select the type of field from the dropdown list.  



Fields options include

  • Text:  plain text
  • Rich Text:  text supporting formatting such as bold, italics, underlining and changes to font size
  • Numeric:  a number
  • Date:  MM/DD/YYYY
  • Dropdown (Premade Entries):  These are dropdowns made by DFT.  Current options include a list of users in the organization.  
  • Dropdown (Custom Entries):  These can be customized to include any options relevant to your organization.  In order to populate list, enter items in the custom values field.  Make sure to separate each item with a comma.

  • Phone Number:  XXX-XXX-XXXX
  • Social Security Number:  XXX-XX-XXXX
  • Zip Code:  5 digit code
  • Duration:  
  • Time:  


Select if the field is a required field.  By checking the box, users will be required to fill out the field in order to save.

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