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Curriculum Libraries

The Curriculums sub tab houses any libraries that have been created for your organization at the Administrative level and also provides access to the Community Built Library.



My Libraries

If you have multiple libraries within your organization, they will all be listed with an option to Choose targets/goals.  When this button is pressed, skill area folders will appear and can be opened to view the corresponding programs and targets.  To make your selection, check the boxes beside the desired curricula and press Add Selected.  Once the items have been added, they can be found within the Skills Acquisition tab of that student's portal.   



Catalyst Community Library

In addition to the libraries created within your organization, Catalyst users are also able to explore the community-built library.  This library is comprised of skill areas, programs, and targets from other Catalyst users who have elected to share their curricula with the Catalyst community.  You can search the library by entering any key word on the left hand side of the window.  On the right, a list will appear displaying any and all items that fall within your search criteria.  To pull an item from the library, check the boxes beside the item and then click Add Selected.  Once items from the community library have been successfully added, they will be located within the Skills Acquisition tab and ready to be opened for treatment or opened for baseline.  


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