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Curriculum libraries are designed to house student programming that can be accessed by your entire organization.  By creating a curriculum library, a single spreadsheet containing various skill areas/programs/targets can be uploaded one time and reach all students within an organization, eliminating the need to add in duplicate programs one-by-one across all students.  Once a curriculum library has been uploaded, users can pull in the selected programs to their student and then modify them based on that specific student's needs. Click here for information about importing curriculums to a student.



Creating a Curriculum Library 

To create a curriculum library, you will need to access the Administration tab from the online portal.  Once there, select the "curriculum libraries" option under the Administration Menu on the left side of the screen.  

Then click the link on the bottom of the screen that says 'Create a New Library.'  The name for your library should be something general to describe the library in its entirety (ex: Like Skills, VB-MAPP, Early Intervention).



Populating your Curriculum Library 


Once you have created a name for your library, you will have the option to enter in programs manually or with an Excel spreadsheet.  If you choose to use Excel, you will need to download our sample spreadsheet to use as a guide for populating the content of your library.



Once the Excel file has downloaded, you can begin to populate each column with various programming.  For helpful hints on creating a curriculum spreadsheet, please see our Troubleshooting Guide.  Upon completion of the spreadsheet, you can add it to your library by clicking 'Import Spreadsheet' next to the library name and choosing the appropriate file from you computer.  You will be notified after the spreadsheet has been successfully uploaded.  


The manual population of a curriculum library can be used as an addition to a spreadsheet import or by itself.  To manually enter programming, click "View Targets/Goals" beside the library name then click "New Goal" in the bottom left corner.

Next, a "Target Information" wizard will appear allowing you to add the Skill Area, Program, Target name, SD, and target type.  This window will also allow you to indicate whether you would like to share this goal with the Catalyst community.  By selecting "yes" for this option, the goal will be added to our Catalyst Community Library so that other Catalyst users have the option add this to their curricula as well.  


In addition to using the Excel and manual methods, Catalyst allows you to enhance your curriculum organization with the use of folders.  This way, items can be categorized within a single library.  For example, within an 'Academic' curriculum library, you can create a "Math" folder which will contain various Skill Areas, Programs, and Targets that are appropriate to the topic of math.  To add a folder to your library, click "View Targets/Goals" beside your library and select "New folder" in the bottom right corner.

Once you have created a folder, you will then be able to create new goals to go directly into that folder OR click and drag existing goals into it.



Pulling Library Items into a Student's Program 

When you are ready to use the curriculum library to build a student's program, you will first need to access that students profile in the web portal.  There is a 'Curriculums' sub-tab within a student's 'Setup' tab that will give you access to any libraries that have been created by your organization.  When you are ready to pull from one of these libraries click 'Choose Targets/Goals' until you are presented with a Skill Area selection screen.

From this screen, you can open various Skill Area folders to view and select the targets you would like for your student's program.  You can click as many items as you would like to be added; once you have made your selections click "save" and ensure the message: "Successfully Added!" appears. The newly added items can now be viewed within the Skills Acquisition tab and will be in the "Ready" state until you decide to open them up in "Baseline" or "In Treatment."  





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