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Creating New Behaviors 

New Behaviors can be created by going to the Behavior Reduction tab, clicking the Behaviors sub-tab, and clicking Create New Behavior at the bottom of the page. 

Here users can enter the Behavior Name, Goal Name (for reporting purposes), an optional Definition, and a Recording Type.

Behavior Recording Types

Frequency - How often a behavior occurs, measured as a number of events. 

Rate - Combines frequency and duration of behavior into a single target. 

Duration - How long a behavior episodes take place. 

Partial Interval - Allows the user to define an 'observe and a record' interval. 

Momentary Time Sampling - Allows the user to record a behavior that is being displayed at a particular moment. 

The Actions Menu

The actions menu for the behavior allows users to:

  • Edit the details of the behavior 
  • Merge behavior data
  • View the raw data 
  • Archive the behavior


Once the behavior is created, it will show up on the mobile device for data collection. 



Unprecedented behaviors can also be created by clicking the "+" sign next to Behaviors on the mobile device. 




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