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VIDEO: Part 1 - Welcome to Catalyst

To access the portal, users will need to create an account. If you are the administrator of your organization, contact DataFinch Technologies at to have an account created. If your organization already has an account configured, your administrator will be able to provide you with a username and password to log into the system.

Logging In

When you visit the Catalyst Student Portal, you will be presented with a login screen. Enter your username and password to gain access to the system. If you do not have a username or password, please contact your system administrator and they can create one for you. Once you enter your username and password, click LOGIN and you will be presented with a drop down menu containing a list of students in your organization, as well as an Administration option. To access an existing student account, choose the student from the drop-down list and click the continue button. To create a new student account or administer the organization such as add usersview subscription information or configuring various settings, choose the Administration option and click the continue button.

Student Search Dropdown

Catalyst allows users to search for specific students using a drop down search option. To locate a particular student, simply begin typing the student's name in the field under Student Name. Catalyst will filter student results based on the name entered.




Changing your password

The first time you log in, or if your administrator resets your password, you may be presented with the password reset page. On this page you will need to choose a new password as well as a PIN number to use on the device. PIN numbers must be 6 digits and unique within the organization.

Note about usernames

Your username in Catalyst is composed of your organization’s username prefix followed by a period (.) and your unique name. Example: “datafinch.Lucy” (datafinch is the organization’s prefix, and Lucy is the specific username)


Navigating The Portal

The student portal has been designed for quick and easy navigation. In the top-right corner of the screen, there are three tabs that allow you to move to and from your student cases, administration and support with ease.



The Switch Student Case drop-down menu allows you to view and manage each student individually. Once a student is selected (either in the drop down at the top right, or from the login screen), you’ll see that the portal is organized into the following sub-navigation: OverviewSkill AcquisitionBehavior ReductionAssessmentsDocumentationAnalysis & ReportingData Entry, and Setup. Most of the work you will generally do on a daily basis, such as graphing, opening targets, viewing progress, etc. will be done in the student case area.

The Administration tab allows you to administer your organization by configuring usersgroups, creating students and configuring various organization-specific settings. Administration is further broken down into sub-sections for easy navigation.

The Support tab allows you to download documentation, create a support request, and view training videos.

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