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Entering ABC Data

To enter ABC data, click on the ABC Data sub tab and click the plus sign in the upper left.  


A window will appear for you to enter incident data.


For behavior, antecedent, consequence and location fields, multiple entries are allowed.  Simply click on Select All,  Select None, or click individual items from the list.


Printing an ABC Datasheet

If you need to go old school and take data on paper you can print a datasheet by clicking Print Datasheet.



A PDF version of the datasheet will appear in the lower bar of your browser window.


Entering Multiple Incidents

To enter more than one entry of ABC data, click the plus sign at the upper right.


You can enter incidents that occur on the same day or different dates.


After you have entered all your ABC data don't forget to click save.


Deleting an Entry

To delete an entry, click the red X on the right.


Editing an Entry

To edit an entry, click the pencil.

The incident window will display and changes can then be made.

Copying an Entry

If multiple entries need to be made and they share similiar fields you can copy an ABC event by clicking on the scissors.  


An identical entry will be pasted at the bottom of the list and it can be edited by clicking on the pencil icon.

Saving Data

Once all ABC entries have been made, click Save.  If you do not click save or if you navigate away from the page, your data will not be saved!


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