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Target Search
Can't remember which skill area that target is under? You can now perform a target search across all of a student's skill areas and programs. On the skills acquisition tab, click the magnifying glass to search by name and easily navigate to the target from the list of results.  

Program Teaching Instructions
Save yourself from endless copying & pasting with teaching instructions at the program level. When all targets within a particular program require the same teaching instructions, enter them under program instructions in the portal to view them for each target on the app.  


Merge ABC and Per Behavior on Graphs
You've finished your functional analysis and are starting the intervention, but don't want to leave the ABC data you collected in the dust. We get it! That's why you can now compare and merge ABC and per behavior data for frequency and duration behavior graphs. 


High Resolution Graphs
Graphs images in the portal are now high resolution for better data visibility. Your same data, just a little more beautiful. #nofilterneeded

View and Edit Form Responses on App
Form builder changed the SOAP note game, but responses were only stored in the portal...until now. With this release, users can "View Past Data" for any form on the app, displaying all previous responses and corresponding dates. Reference past responses and even edit your responses if you made a mistake or need to add something else.  

Graphs on the App for Android
Android users, join the party! Now you can view graphs on Android devices. Happy dance! To view a graph, click on the target name under the Trial Sheet tab of the app. Wi-fi is required to view the graph, but data can still be collected offline. 

The Exterminator Visited
The development team has squashed multiple pesky bugs for a smoother user experience. 

We are thrilled to present this release and look forward to your feedback!

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