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Looking for the new Catalyst Helpdesk?  Check it out and bookmark it! 


Contains all the same great information PLUS MORE. The new Catalyst Helpdesk step by step articles that are more robust and clear, detailing ANY action you could taking in the Portal or on the Catalyst app.  The new Helpdesk contains a search function on every page that allows you to quickly enter in keywords and find all articles that relate.

Getting started? We recommend checking out the following articles:

Catalyst Release Notes - Any time there is an upgrade to Catalyst, Release Notes will preview the improvements.

Get Started - General Catalyst information as well as quick access to Organization and Student Setup workflows.

Administration Section - Breaks down each Administration function (click the drop downs to see additional articles).

Students Section - Breaks down all areas for working with a Student. From creating and organizing a Student's Skills Acquisition and Behavior Reduction curriculum to viewing a vast array of graphs and reports relating to a Student's progress (click the drop downs to see additional articles).

Catalyst App - Information regarding all actions that can be taken in the Catalyst app.

FAQs - We hope you don't run into any trouble, but if you do, the FAQs will answer many of the commonly asked questions.




Search this Documentation

Search any topic to view a list of matching results. 


Navigating this Documentation

On the left side of the screen you will find an expandable navigation menu.  This menu will give you access to detailed documents about Catalyst. 

Quick Start Guide:  This guide provides you with a brief overview of some of the main features in Catalyst so you can start collecting data on your mobile device.

User Guide:  The User's Guide provides step by step instructions for operating Catalyst on your web portal and mobile device.

Video Trainings: Narrated visual learning aids to complement the written information in the Official User Guide.  

Release Notes: With each new release, the Catalyst team will detail the newest features so you can always be "in the know".

FAQ & TroubleshootingThe frequently asked questions page contains answers to some of the most common questions we received over the phone, email and chat. Additionally, troubleshooting articles written by our customer service team walk you through the most frequently encountered customer concerns.

Information Technology Guide:  This section contains network requirements for operating Catalyst as well as details regarding the security and HIPAA compliance features DataFinch takes to ensure the security of users’ information and data.






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